12 Days of Beermas Brew Day

“The Crew Geeked Out Till Late Night”

December 2016 Mountain Brewing co took part in the Brewmistress‘ ‘12 Days of Beermas, Bonanza Beer Giveaway‘, the grand prize was a full brew day with PG at the MBco brewery, including meals and accommodation at Klipbokkop Mountain Reserve. On Saturday we were joined by the winner Brett Hutton (Beatnik Brewers), The Craft Beer Show and Lucy (The Brewmistress) for a great day of brewing.

This is what PG had to say about the days’ events.  “We had a great brew day with the crew and completely geeked out till late night for an awesome day of brewing. We brewed the seasonal Red Panda Ale, using the new Simpson malts that are well known for its rich flavour quality all the way from the Sates. Lucy the Brewmistress also joined us for the brew day and it was really lekker to have some Capetonians this side of the mountain.”

We just want to thank Brett, Lucy and The Beer Show crew for the fantastic day. Cheers.


Music Influencing The Brew

We thought we would share a little ingredient into our brewing.

We believe that Sounds & Music influences water, so why should it be any different with beer. This is why our brewery constantly has music playing, because not only do we believe in the best quality ingredients, we believe that even the music played will influence the taste and crispness of the beer!

We drew inspiration from a distillery in Mongolia who play Mongolian Throat Singing during the marrying process of their Vodka, and one can even view on the internet the influence that scientists have proven of sounds affecting water. We have decided to share with you every Friday a favourite song played in the brewery that week, and maybe you might even get a feel of it next time you sip on one of our tasty brews.


Win Beer For A Year | Shared With Your Best Mate Winners!

Congratulations Janéne and Paul

Mountain Brewing stands by Friendships and Sharing Great Beer, and that was exactly why we wanted to share our beer with two individuals that share the same insight. Thank you to all that entered our giveaway and shared their beer worthy stories, but unfortunately, we could only have two winners. Here is Janéne and Paul’s memorable moment that was worthy of sharing a beer afterwards:

Way back when my ride was a 1975 Beetle my best mate and I were passing through Graaff-Reinet on the return leg of a cross-country road-trip. On the back seat, my two mutts were somehow napping – the rear windscreen had popped out as we trekked through Springfontein a week before and the natural ‘air-conditioning’ was pumping. The engine was once again putt-putting along – it had given up the ghost the day before whilst ascending the Outeniqua Pass, where we were subsequently rescued by two sunrise-watching church-ditching Beetle-aficionado angels. They did the repairs gratis at their home and sent us on our way. There we were – driving up the Wapadsberg Mountain Pass. As we rose toward the summit we noticed that daylight was fading remarkably fast – a massive thunderstorm was rolling in from the North. And so it was that instead of driving off into the sunset we clashed with the Mother of All Storms! The Beetle’s tiny windscreen wipers did nothing to fend off the virtual tsunami as we drove toward home, and whilst Paul tried to create a human shield over the dogs he could do little to prevent a full-fledged deluge in the back. By the time we got home many hours later – drenched, frozen and exhausted – we left the car and luggage just like that in the driveway, dried off the dogs, and recounted the day’s events whilst draining more than a few well-earned beers.

Give those two a Pint! And Cheers to all that Participated!

Introducing Red Panda Ale

Myths & Tales are best shared with Beer!

We are really excited to share Red Panda Ale with you, it’s a fantastic and very well balanced creamy toffee red ale. Complimenting hints of caramel and freshly baked Ouma Bread, the beer has a fresh finish that will have you wanting another.

For the story behind Red Panda Ale, we suggest you grab a beer before reading further.

Our tale is one of a simple man, beer and piracy, but even though this sounds very exciting it becomes a sad story of a man who loses everything. Little is known of Eli O’Sullivan and how an Irishman’s travels landed him in the South China Sea, but what we do know is that his Red Ale recipe became famed amongst pirates that visited Walingding Island south-west of Hong Kong in the late 1790s. It became so famous that famed female pirate Ching Shih also known as Madame Ching was so truly impressed by the ale, she commissioned him to brew beer for all of her nearly 300 Junks. In turn not only was paid well, she also gifted him with a very rare animal, a Red Panda of which she saw as the perfect tribute animal to celebrate his achievements. In 1810 the Chinese Government offered all pirates amnesty, of which Madame Ching accepted. This meant O’Sullivan had to flee Walingding because The Chinese Government was not prepared to offer the same to a foreigner consorting with Pirates, the only offer was imprisonment for life. Copious drinking and gambling were soon his life, shifting from one South China port to another. It is said that O’Sullivan traded his Red Panda that held his secret recipe in a leather pouch around its neck, for one last drink and one last bet before he himself became just a myth in the streets of Macau.

Stilbaai Craft Beer & Wine Expo | 10 & 11 April

Beer, Cheese. Beer, Bread. Beer, Wine. Beer, Olives and more Beer!

Stillbaai… we love this place, and even though this is a Beer & Wine Expo we all know what is going to be the favourite amongst the people. The Stillbaai Craft Beer & Wine Expo will certainly be a treat for those holidaying in the area, or even those who were thinking of taking a few days off. Stillbaai is a quaint town with beautiful beaches and estuary. It’s certainly not a day festival and shoot home, with a 4 and half hours drive from Cape Town so be certain to book in somewhere.


Mountain Brewing Co will be sharing the floor with a few fellow breweries:

We look forward to seeing you there, and #SHARINGTHETASTE !