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Mountain Brewing Co is Worcester's first and finest Craft Brewery, based in the Klipbokkop Mountain Reserve. Set in the Western Cape, we gain our inspiration from the beautiful mountainous and fynbos surroundings. All Mountain Brewing Co brews are brewed with the finest spring water, from it's source high up in the Klipbokkop Reserve mountains. The 8 weeks brewing time fits in with the unhurried lifestyle of the area, allowing our beers to become full flavoured quality brews.

Mountain Brewing Co invites the public on weekends to come join us for beer tasting, quality meals and share your taste thoughts on our many current brews. Accommodation is also available to all those that have either made a long trip down, or prefer not to drive and stay over. Enquire with us about bookings beforehand.


Something’s Always Brewing

We to brew, from our signature lager to tastes from around the world.



Our Signature Lager: LOADSHED LAGER

This Lager was born out of South Africa's energy crisis in December 2014. With the 8 Week Lagering process of storing and keeping chilled at 4 Degrees Celcius, it seemed at the time Loadshedding was against us. However we were fortunate enough to keep generators going when needed. Loadshed Lager is a speciality lager, and is naturally primed with local badger friendly fynbos honey. Loadshed Lager is not only about something that brings light when there is Loadshedding, it's about relaxing and lightening the load with a refreshingly tasty beer after a tough day.



Sharing The Taste: MBco Originals

At Mountain Brewing Co we love to share the taste with you, and on a weekly basis you will find something new and something different. Our MBco Originals are our playground of flavours and ideas for future beers, by sharing with the public we are able to refine tastes and look at future labels with the public's input. We live by our Motto 'Always Share Great Tasting Beer', and by sharing the current tastes you are able learn about various types of brews from all around the world.



Cape Kraken Belgian Amber Ale

Cape Kraken - Belgian Amber Ale is an award winning craft beer, a Gold Medal winner in the 2015 SANBT (South African National Beer Trophy) Awards. Cape Kraken is a hybrid between a Belgian and Amber Ale, and is conditioned in Traditional 'Alt Bier' style.

The Tale of Die Kaapse Kruiden Zeemonster

Little is known of this tale during the times of Dutch East India Company, when their ships were sailing the world filled with Spices from the Far East. The Dutch have been perfecting beer for centuries, and were able to brew tasty beers with their handle on the spice trade. It is said that these Dutch sailors would fear leaving Table Bay when the full moon rised over the top of Table Mountain, saying that a Sea Monster would roughen up the seas with its uncontrollable need to feed on these herb and spice laden ships making their way to Breweries in the Netherlands.


Black or White Hy Smaak Oraait: Vanilla Porter

Over the past few months, we constantly have our Craft Beer lovers giving us their feedback with our continuous #ShareTheTaste campaign. This allows us to decide on upcoming label releases with the community, that have experienced the MBco Brewery and the Tasty brews we are constantly experimenting with. We have really been impressed with the feedback on our Vanilla Porter, with it's sweet aroma of Vanilla and its Malted Coffee taste. Therefore we are proud to introduce the next label in our family:

Black or White, Hy Smaak Oraait Vanilla Porter

Why the name? Well for those who are not familiar to Western Cape slang, it is a local phrase that jokingly expresses that no matter what your skin colour is, we are the same. With contrasting colours of the beer's Cream coloured Head, and the Dark Coffee colour of the Porter, we could not resist at the temptation of Taking on the slang phrase to name the Beer.

The Beer itself is certainly a tasty brew, and we know you will enjoy it next to a warm fire this winter or even after a tasty dessert.


Copper Dawn Lager

A Traditional Lager with a Dry hopped fruity zesty hop aroma. This Austrian lager was loved in many countries as the word spread even in Mexico. We brought our own local South African touch to it. The View you see on the label is actually the real view you see from Klipbokkop and the Brewhouse pub, this became the inspiration for the label. It is a view we have lost ourselves in many times.

Go Ahead, Taste Summer!


Madala’s Gold

This connoisseur beer is a triple hop experience of Belgium specialty.

Right from the nose the distinct smells of bubble gum, banana and candy floss is merged with blending hops to deliver a complex subtle flavour.

This Golden Strong/Blond is not for the faint hearted and is brewed for those lover who wants a bit extra.

At 6.8% ABV and around 40 IBU it leaves a roller-coaster of flavour for a such a light colour beer.

Madala is a well-known African name for those wise and respected leaders of the community.


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Brewhouse Chow

Because Mountain Brewing Co is situated at the Klipbokkop Mountain Reserve Resort, we have teamed up with the chef to created some tasty Brewhouse Chow. Pairing our unique craft beers with an awesome view and wholesome food that compliments the whole experience.


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