There is evidence of beer-drinking over a long period in the Persian Empire and history tells us of Persians deciding upon important matters by first drinking plenty of Beer and debating and coming to a decision while being Beered Up! The next day when they were sober they would deliberate and decide whether they want to stick to the decision made. If they decide yes, they go through with it. If they decide against it, they drop it and apparently go back to square one. History has not really changed, and still to this day corporate deals are closed or collaborations ignited with beer.

At Mountain Brewing Company, we not only have the beer but we also have the destination. Mountain Brewing Co in collaboration with Klipbokkop Mountain Reserve we are able to offer you an exclusive venue with everything you need for your conference or strategic planning session. Klipbokkop offers an exclusive venue and books only one group at a time. This ensures privacy and allows the group to utilise the venue to its maximum.

The centre seats and offers accommodation for groups up to 40 people. The whole resort is powered by a standby generator in case of power failures and also provides a constant supply of water (You will always be able to have a hot shower). The conference facilities offer air conditioning and electronic presentation equipment, full catering and of course the MBco Brewhouse Pub with award-winning beer on tap!


Contact us to discuss an all-inclusive conference package, i.e. accommodation, conference facilities, all meals and refreshments.

CALL:  +27(0)82 5794515 or +27(0)82 8556936  EMAIL:

360 Views of some of the facilities 

360 View of Conference Facility (Drag Left or Right to view)

360 View of Accommodation (Drag Left or Right to view)

360 View of Braai Facilities (Drag Left or Right to view)

360 View of Brewhouse Pub (Drag Left or Right to view)

360 View of Viewing Deck (Drag Left or Right to view)

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