Agility Potion – Strong Peach Ale (Barrel Aged Series)


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Something Truly Special to Spoil Yourself With.

Here is what PG (our Master Brewer) had to say about the beer:

“The nose is prominent peach from the dried peaches it laid on for 8 months. The spicyness of the blanc hops, and booziness blends into a crisp finish. The middle complexity of the beer is becuase 2 barrels were used, one, with a wild yeast and thr other with a bourbon barrel, the both are blended back to balance acidity of the peach and maltiness. It was one of those beers that whatever we did things just worked together!  This collaboration with Dewald Goosen was a great adventure and great fun to brew!”

Each beer is presented in a single wooden crate.

ABV: 10.2   660ml