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“Beer-drinking is a journey when there’s craft beer on the menu”

It’s been a few months since we sent our winners Janene and Paul their first boxes of Beer to share, after winning our ‘Beer For A Year, Shared With Your Best Mate” competition. I felt the need to catch up with the two and see how much they enjoying the extra beer in the fridge.

Q. Since having a few more bottles of beer in the fridge between the two of you, who would you say is the biggest beer drinker?

J. Ha! Definitely Paul! But only because he’s taller…

P. That said Janene has definitely been drinking more beer than usual, because it’s excellent and she can’t resist.

Q. Since having craft beer more frequently in the fridge, would you say your taste for beer has changed for the two of you?

P. Beer-drinking is a journey when there’s craft beer on the menu. The mass-produced stuff is just a means to an end. THIS beer is an experience.

Have you had any occasions where you have had the opportunity to “Share The Taste” of the MBco beers with friends? What were their thoughts on the taste?

J. Oh yes! Let’s just say our friends are super jealous that we get to drink this incredible beer regularly. Quite a few are staunch craft beer drinkers and enthused about the quality of the beer in our fridge. In general, the reviews have been rather poetic.

Q. I think by now it’s fair to say that you guys have an obvious favourite? What are your MBco favs? and what do you like about them?

P. Madala’s

J. Love the Fynbos.

Q. Lastly, I am sure you have had some of the beers with a meal you cooked up, any meal that stands out where the beer tasted really great with it?

P. Everything? Anything?

J. What stands out is when Paul made his very first vegetarian potjie. It was essentially a vegetable green curry – so good. We had a couple of bottles of the Fynbos in the fridge and they went down a treat with the curry potjie around the mid-winter fire.

Even their dog has a little piece of the fun with the beer

We are seriously stoked that Janene and Paul are enjoying the beer as much as they are, and getting the opportunity to ‘Share The Taste’ with friends too. To us, there is nothing better to raise in celebration of friendships, nothing better to cheers in a moment of celebration, than beer.


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